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Eskom is busy setting up a powerline almost in my backyard. They said when they asked me for commentary during the planning stage, it’s going to be a single line, but now it seems to be a massive really ugly construction.

Is there anyone out there that knows what can be done to stop this crazy business. This apparently is going to be a 400MV line and according to sources can be very dangerous for one’s health. 

Then there is the esthetic and financial value of one’s property. When I look from my little patio, I look straight into this ugly steal towering at least 8 stories high spoiling my total view of the more than beautiful Hottentots Holland Mountains.

What I would like to know is whether Eskom has the right to spoil one’s life like this. Emotionally I now feel detached from my home. It’s no longer a home anymore, just a house. 

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