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You need the URL (Internet address) to visit any picture pages on this site as it is confidential of nature.
Please call or e-mail me for more info in this regard.
Best Regards
Jan van Lingen

Click on the URL to view the Picture Gallery. Then click a thumbnail to enlarge.
Pictures will be on the site for up to 4 weeks after which it can be removed.
Please contact me for the URL.

You can download any picture by right-clicking the relevant picture and select Save Picture As... Then browse to a folder where you want to save it. You can also change the picture name if you like.

These pictures are at a low resolution and not suitable for printing. You can order high resolution pictures by e-mailing me with the category and the picture numbers (use the word pictures followed by your name as subject).
The size of the file will be approximately 1,5Mb, so you need a fast Internet link to download. I can also e-mail it to your nearest Photo Processing Lab for printing. Please e-mail me the Lab’s details.

Cost of picture-files(JPEG) are R15.00 each to e-mail.
Additional cost will be applicable for non standard procedures.

Please transfer the total amount with your name as reference to the following bank account and the pictures will be e-mailed asap.

FNB, Helderberg Commercial
Acc. Name: Cybermate
Acc. # 53680062958
Branch code: 271344
Please put your name as reference on the payment/eft. Then e-mail the transfer details to me so I can in turn e-mail you the pictures. 

E-mail address:

Cell. 082 412 7728
Fax 088 021 853 3001